Dynamic SOAP Portlet

This project consists in a java JRS-168 portlet that acts as a generic client for SOAP services. The user interface for calling the service is dynamicaly created using a WSDL description.

Installation and Requirements

This portlet is distributed as a standard JSR-168 portlet WAR archive. For installation instructions, please verify your portal documentation.

This portlet source code and binary classes depends on Java SE 5.0.

Other dependencies are: Apache Axis, for Web services invocation, and WSDL4J, for WSDL parsing. They both are bundled with the portlet (in the lib folder).



The purpose of this portlet is to invoke SOAP web services. For this, a URL to a WSDL file must be provided in the portlet's Edit Mode.

If the portlet provides more then one operation, one of them must be chosen in the operations drop list.

A URL to a XSL file can be provided to customize the rendering of the result of the invocation. Without it, the result is shown as a tree, with the names of the elements of the result as nodes, and their text values as leafs. The full SOAP envelope is passed to the XSL. Please check the samples folder.

Invoking Services

After the configuration is done, input fields for invoking the service are shown in the View Mode. A field is shown for each input parameter of the chosen operation. For enumerated parameters, a drop list is shown. Arrays of simple types are shown as text areas, and each line will be one line of the array. Arrays of complex types are not yet supported.



Screenshots (taken with the portlet running on Apache Jetspeed 2).

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